My paintings are inspired by my love of color, texture, and reflection. I create jewel like qualities using metallic oil paint, gold, silver, and copper leaf. I use transparent paint and high shine medium to layer paint on top of a cracked surface to create depth and an illusion of 3-dimensions. As light hit’s the canvas from all angles the cracks catch the light and reveal another aspect that is lost while viewing the painting from the front. My goal is to reveal the painting’s qualities from any angle or light source. These paintings are influenced by my passion for the ocean and the atmosphere, and emotion it provokes. I often look at photographs of seascapes to influence my horizon line and color schemes.

My older paintings are about revealing under layers. The “webbing” is created by dissolving the paint in patterns. The webbing is shiny while the under layer of paint is matte which in contrast creates depth. These paintings were very often inspired by aquatic photographs. I also looked at aerial photographs of landscapes, and Rorschach ink blots. The themes of this series was pattern and imprint.